What you need to know about pregnancy after abortion

Most often, repeated pregnancy after abortion is accompanied by certain difficulties. Besides not always offensive, it is possible. You should not rely on modern sparing techniques used in surgery, because even they can't make a guarantee that the reproductive activities of women will continue the pregnancy goes well.

But the difficulty with conception in this case are not the only problem. According to experts, because of the abortions in the world, a growing number of cancer diseases of the female reproductive system.

Now and then

The emergence of new methods, including medication, increased the probability of pregnancy after an abortion. In this respect, the current situation looks significantly better than that which was observed just two decades ago. But regardless of the "Statute of limitations" the inner layer of the uterus as a result of abortion is still injured, and it ends with the fact that the embryo can not gain a foothold on it. Because of this spontaneously aborted subsequent pregnancy. But there is another option, when the embryo is in search of undamaged tissue will find a place where he "settle" should not, for example, in the area of the cervix.

Delays in the development of

But even if they will bind embryo, it will still be the risk that the fetus will not get the nutrients, since the formation communicating with the placenta blood vessels will be difficult. Because of this, the development of the baby will be delayed.

Another trouble lurks a woman who decides to get pregnant after an abortion - reducing ability of the cervix to keep the fetus inside due to possible damage during surgical procedures. This could lead to a miscarriage in the unintentional disclosure of the neck, while her normal throughout pregnancy - closed (normal opening of the cervix occurs just prior to the birth).

The risk of miscarriage

To reduce the risk of miscarriage to a minimum really. In this case, it may be a suture that hold the uterus in position, and shortly before the birth of his shoot. Sometimes pregnancy after abortion can lead to very dire consequence of rupture of the uterus. Very often it happens, if it was moved a few abortions, and every surgical procedure thinning of the uterine wall (as a consequence, it may even appear through holes). The factors we have listed just provoke the gap that can occur during pregnancy or at birth. In any case, it poses a serious threat to the life of the mother and child.

The conflict of generations

Question rhesus-conflict stands alone when it comes to pregnancy after abortion, because it can make it almost impossible. The problem here lies in the fact that in case of a negative rhesus factor the woman at conception with a man in which he is a positive, expectant mothers will be produced otterhouse germ antibodies. If the first pregnancy was interrupted artificially, antibodies remain in the blood of women, destroying blood cells of new embryos. To conceive and give birth to the child in this case is not always possible, and if this happened, the woman see in a hospital.

Informed decision

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that intervention in natural processes usually lead to hormonal imbalance in a woman's body. This is the first thing to remember nulliparous women. If the decision about abortion is finally adopted, to perform the operation you need in a specialized clinic with the participation of competent specialists. Remember: you cannot terminate a pregnancy if your period is more than 12 weeks.

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