What you need to know about constipation, its causes and consequences

Constipation is called the delay a bowel movement for 2-3 days and more, as well as insufficient bowel movements. Usually in a healthy person, the chair is once a day regularly. This factor depends on the lifestyle, habits and nature of food intake.

There are two types of constipation: chronic and acute. Acute constipation can be caused by a number of reasons, and have a short temper. There are times when acute constipation turns into chronic.

Constipation may occur due to violations of the process of formation of faeces and its promotion through the intestines. This is due to two reasons: weak motor function of the intestine, or a violation of nerve and muscle coordination.

Also causes of constipation may include:

neurological disorders such as stroke, spinal injuries, multiple sclerosis, depression, disorders of cerebral circulation;

endocrine lesions, such as PMS (premenstrual syndrome), obesity, diabetes mellitus;

diseases of the stomach and intestinal tract, such as stomach ulcers, holistica, chronic pancreatitis, intestinal dysbiosis, tumors of the colon;

disorders of the muscular functions of the pelvic floor;

frequent deterrence defecations;

changes the usual conditions of life;

failure mode power supply;

insufficient physical activity, also emmanueleurydiceszal;

lack of products that contain fiber;

consumption of small quantities of liquid;

improper feeding;

taking certain medications.

Constipation in children can be caused due to food allergies, abnormal development of the intestine or unbalanced nutrition. Children over one year of age have problems with a chair often because of problems of a psychological nature, such as potty training against their will, or long-term journey.

Constipation are most often in the elderly. The urge to stool occur because of irritation feces receptors, which are located in the mucous membrane of the rectum. But the older generation the sensitivity of the above receptors are blunted, and thus, it is significant pressure to cause the urge to go to the toilet. Also in old age a growing number of people suffering from constipation caused by different medicines.

The constipation has many symptoms. For most people delay defecation for more than two days already constipation is.

Constipation is accompanied by a feeling of heaviness and pain in the abdomen, reduction or loss of appetite, headaches and dizziness, nausea, bad breath, heartburn, insomnia, bloating, depressed mood.

Dryness of feces, its a small amount when emptying, or the inability bowel movements - all of these are signs of constipation.

People who suffer from the chronic form of constipation, have a sickly, yellowish color of the skin.

Symptoms of chronic constipation are: low frequency of bowel movements (less than three times per week, when urinating, dense and lumpy stools and a constant feeling that the bowel is not completely emptied.

In order to start the treatment of constipation, the patient blood, feces, urine, stomach contents, and, if necessary, other tests that will help to establish the cause of constipation.

First of all, constipation can cause dysbiosis, as due to the delay of feces for a long time in the intestine, the body accumulates toxins and microorganisms.

Also, constipation can cause:

colorectal cancer and colon cancer;

secondary colitis;

proctosigmoiditis(inflammation of the sigmoid and rectum);


rectal fissures;

paraproctitis (inflammation paraproctium);

purchased megacolon (widening and lengthening of the colon);

fecal ulcers of the colon and intestinal obstruction in the elderly.

In that case, if the next of kin of a person had a disease such as bowel cancer, in this case, when the first signs of constipation, it is necessary to conduct additional tests. In addition, the constipation, which is accompanied by severe abdominal pain, fever, weight loss, a modified form of the stool mixed with blood, pus, or mucus, should arouse suspicion, and should be carried out the necessary tests.

Experts advise to avoid constipation is to eat lots of vegetables and fruits, exercises and diet.

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