What you need to know about affiliate childbirth

Just a few years ago a delivery partnership were very rare. As you know, the generations of ancient times are exclusively female privilege, but in the old days this process of men in General were not permitted.

What is meant when talking about affiliate childbirth? Such births imply the presence not only of doctors and midwives, which in any case will be with you at the same time, but assistant who has no professional knowledge. This may be the child's father (usually), girlfriend or sister. In our day delivery partnership typically offer all those who are going to bear a child, and now it doesn't sound strange. However, a definite opinion regarding the benefit or harm the partner delivery no.

What is helper in childbirth? Its main role is moral. The presence of a loved one will help to postpone childbirth. Sometimes possible physical assistance, such as support in fights.

To determine whether the spouse at birth, you should determine what exactly you need it to you personally. In most cases, the mothers explain their desire for the following reasons:

• Fear of the unknown environment. The presence of the husband can easily transfer strangers, and in case of any troubles, to protect the rights of the mother to intercede for her.

• Desire to gain respect and understanding from her husband. As it sounds, many people would like to see the child's father knew how hard it is to give birth to a child and expect that seeing as it was the husband will respect the mother.

• A desire not to be different from others. Now a lot of people enjoy the opportunity affiliate birth, and now follow the example of their friends.

Determining the cause and realizing that you need it, you need to remember the father of the child. It is important to determine whether they want your husband to participate in the affiliate childbirth, and just walk up and ask, and then to obtain the consent is sometimes not enough. That will tell the father of the unborn child, it may be wrong: think, because it's hard to resist the desire of his beloved pregnant wife.

A clear advantage in favor of the partner delivery with husband will be the fact that her husband was self-interested in the flow of your birth, goes with you to the U.S. and constantly supports you. Otherwise, delivery will be uninteresting, and you will not receive the necessary support.

Even if the husband believes that he is ready to take part in labor, you should be aware that it may not withstand them. Remember that many men are afraid of the sight of blood and can easily faint. If not, feel free to take her husband to give birth and do not be afraid!

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