What you need for healthy sleep

Each person needs to sleep, because only in this state, the brain and Central nervous system a rest. But that your sleep was the most healthy, you need to consider many factors. Let's look at some of them.

To sleep was really such treatment, you should sleep at least seven or nine hours, it's already been proven by scientists. The main thing is not to pour, otherwise it will be a dream harm. After you Wake up, can not feel a sense of relaxation and heaviness of the head, as if after a hangover.

Another important factor is the illumination of the room. Colors should be muted, and the room is dark enough. Color bedding should be a neutral shade, or some light. In General, it is proved that an unsuitable color not only clothes, but also Wallpaper, furniture or curtains have a negative impact on our psyche, and therefore the sleep state. For example, green and all shades produce a stimulating effect and tone our mental state. And to soothe and calm entry into the sleep bedroom must prevail blue tones. If in the morning you are very hard to Wake up, then just change the color of your bedroom in warm shades of peach or yellow.

Also an important point of a good and healthy night's sleep is something that we sleep in our cozy bed. All accessories must be very high quality and physiologically healthy. For example, if you have uncovered problems with the spine, you must purchase a special orthopedic mattress, and if you are suffering from osteochondrosis, you can buy a cushion filled with polystyrene. Blankets need to pick a specific time of the year: winter duvet for the summer - with the thinnest layer. Linens should be only from natural materials that do not contain synthetic fibers are ideal silk underwear. Clothes to sleep should also be comfortable and free.

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Another factor affecting the healthy sleep of a person is the room temperature in the bedroom. With nightfall, the temperature of our body decreases significantly and by three o'clock the night reaches its minimum value. If the bedroom is too warm, then this optimal level, the body temperature may not be achieved, while if it is too cold, the body will begin to warm up, which is too bad. In both considered cases, the body temperature will not reach its optimal value. When you will lie under a blanket, you should be comfortable - not hot and not cold. Therefore, the recommended temperature in the bedroom should reach 15-18 degrees.

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