What you have left to live will determine the new blood

Everyone who wants to know how much he has left to live, and to determine the life expectancy of them intended to help the new blood.

A blood test developed in Spain, gives the possibility to determine the length of segments of DNA called telomeres, which protect them from deformation. It is from telomere depends on the rate of cellular aging. Than the shorter telomeres - the faster the aging and death of cells.

Spanish company Life Length developed available to the masses analysis, to which the people gave the name "test of death." Anyone can learn how much time he could potentially still live and you can purchase a test from a pharmacy. "Telomere length, which corresponds to chronological age date of man refers to his mental and physical health even before he starts to develop some kind of disease," say the researchers. According to the researchers, the test will not only satisfy the curiosity, but also give people an incentive for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, to radically improve your diet and try to avoid stressful situations.

"Our test is very accurate. He has the ability to notice even the slightest deviation in the length of telomeres. In addition, it is quick and easy to use," say the scientists. The test will be implemented in the UK and Europe. The price of this miracle-expensive test - 435 pounds.

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