What will tell fluorography?

Today the scale of the TB epidemic is enormous. The expense of the lives that daily takes away this terrible disease, according to official data, tens, but many experts believe that soon the account can go already hundreds.

Of course, fluoro very limited, but still planned visit fluorographic study helps to identify new cases and immediately begin treatment, which significantly increases the chances of the patient to recovery.

Do not assume that TB is a disease of the hungry and the poor. Yes, this disease really has social features, but often for "training" the body for the implementation of TB enough to move on his feet infectious disease to get involved with weight loss or to experience mild stress. We should not hope that the social situation will save you from this insidious disease and neglect preventive measures, one of which is an annual chest x-rays.

In the opinion of the radiologist often has a lot of mysterious, only he slave records, to understand the significance of which is not always possible. Do not panic ahead of time. Consult your doctor and he will help to decipher this "medical Murzenko".

Pleurogramma as any other x-ray image, is able to show changes in the density of the tissues of the organs in the chest. X-ray changes usually causes the development of lung connective tissue. Such violations, depending on the location and form, received specific medical items: layers, spikes, shadow, cicatrices, luchistost, tictacti, fibrosis, sclerosis, etc., all these adverse effects can be detected in the images because of high content of connective tissue.

Chest x-ray can detect thickening of the walls of blood vessels or bronchi with hypertension, asthma, bronchitis. Also images can be used to determine the presence of fluid in the lungs. A pronounced difference in the density of the tissue is observed in the presence in the lungs local seals: calcium, infiltrates, cancerous tumors, cysts, emphysematous extensions abscess. To detect the development of pneumonia using fluoro only when it reaches a certain stage.

Not always the data of x-ray examination are the basis for the final diagnosis. Traditional medicine leaves the last word by a treating physician who is able to establish a definitive diagnosis only after receiving all of these studies, their associations and careful analysis.

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