What underwear

In the cold season more than ever, we need to protect the body from temperature reduction. This helps us clothes, jackets, fur coats, sheepskin coats. But even they do not protect us from the cold one hundred percent. In this case, comes to the aid of the so-called smart clothing - underwear.

Thermal underwear is the ideal choice for people who feel cold even at low temperatures or athletes for training the necessary freedom of movement. There will also be an indispensable companion for small children, because for them it is very important to keep warm, because the child's body may respond to a small cold cold. Underwear is an excellent option for warm clothing for the elderly, it is comfortable and does not restrict movement.

So, what is in essence underwear? These are clothes made of fabrics that are designed by the latest technology. They are woven so as to hold body heat in the layer of air, not allowing him to go outside. This is useful primarily because in order to warm up there is no need to wear several layers of clothing. Such "smart" fabrics do not allow the temperature to fall or to rise, thus maintaining consistency.

Another important function of underwear is that it distracts from the body's moisture. The heat are better preserved in the result of the fact that all the moisture goes to the surface of the fabric and evaporates faster. This property is very important for athletes, as wet clothing contributes to hypothermia and underwear always warm and dry.

When choosing underwear should not rush. Compete several models and choose the one that best fits the body and seated on the figure - so clothes will be to work more effectively. Pay attention to the seams, they should be completely flat or absent, as the latest models are made without seams at all. Also look at whether the warming in the most vulnerable areas (knees, lower back, where it will be joined with shoes).

For athletes it may be advisable to pay attention to underwear made of synthetic materials, it effectively protects against moisture. In addition, sports underwear has antibacterial properties (new models). Pick underwear under his own needs. The most durable underwear made of silk. But the nice body and soft Angora. Such materials are ideal for wearing underwear in everyday life.

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