What tonometer, what are the tonometers

The tonometer is called a medical device that measures blood pressure of a person. There are two models of blood pressure monitors, manual and automatic. Each of them tailored to the patient as suitable for the various recommendations of doctors. Select the monitor you want for a specific person, depending on frequency of use and certain diseases.

The main important parameters is the convenience of the management, in order to measure smoothly, display without flaws and comfortable cuff. Please read the article how to choose a blood pressure monitor.

Automatic sphygmomanometer appeared relatively recently. They are convenient to use and does not require much effort. The person needs to do only a few simple steps. First fasten the cuff on the shoulder, wrist or fingers (depending on model). Then press the button. And that's all. The air will immediately begin to zakachivatsja in the cuff by means of the apparatus, and the screen will display the result. Automation provides a more accurate result, because it calculates it as a result of these three dimensions.

People suffering from heart disease, it is recommended to purchase a blood pressure monitor, wrist cuff which is worn on the finger. Those who do not have serious problems with the cardiovascular system is better suited to a blood pressure monitor for wrist. People with arrhythmia advised to choose a blood pressure monitor for arm, it is the most accurate and, in principle, universal.

The most popular model on the market is a hand-held tonometer. They are more professional, as they require to use some training or just need to remember the correct sequence of actions. First you need to fix the cuff, then put on ears stethoscope, using pear to pump up the cuff air. Then smoothly pull the air and watch the gauge. The upper and lower limit of pressure is the position of a pointer of a pressure gauge at the first heartbeat and the last.

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