What to do when swollen legs?

When feet swell, become unpleasantly heavy, everyone is looking for an effective way to facilitate. If you do not know the causes repeated swelling, you should consult a doctor. First of all, you should visit a cardiologist and phlebology, and not be content with the effect of various diuretics drugs that are assigned independently.

To help your feet varicose veins need to purchase a special compression garment, which provides the necessary pressure, normalizing the disturbed blood flow. The best effect give a special compression stockings and socks, as the stockings will be overly compress the thigh. Choosing a class compression underwear, you need to listen to the advice of the doctor phlebologist; the first class is more suitable for the prevention, second and third have a good therapeutic effect, the fourth will be needed only for severe, advanced cases.

When swollen legs try not to consume a lot of fluids after 19.00, to get rid of it medicinal drink the decoction of the berries and bark of elderberry. Painful, unsightly varicose nodules can be applied elderberry leaves, steamed with boiling water. Also useful diuretic collection of horsetail and birch buds. For its preparation you need an equal amount of birch buds, knotweed and horsetail. Teaspoon diuretic mixture, pour boiling water, well hold on a water bath (about 15 minutes), then leave for half an hour. To take collection need 3 days, 3 times per day after eating a tablespoon. Then 1 day rest, and continue so for another 3 weeks.

You can prepare a decoction of other plant - Astragalus. If the previous recipe will perfectly help the kidneys, the decoction of Astragalus supports the cardiovascular system. And, of course, to relieve swelling. Only the duration of the course will be significant, on the order of 4-6 months. About 10 grams of Astragalus must first be steamed, and then carefully drain and cool. Take 2-3 tablespoons of the broth also 3 times per day with a meal in advance. After 2 weeks of treatment decoction need three days to wait, and again to continue treatment.

A beneficial effect on your swollen legs will have ointments and gels that strengthen the capillary system due to the content of heparin routine. Also useful ointments, which has horse chestnut. Great relief will bring a relaxing bath with sea salt and massage with light shipname made on all swollen areas, from bottom to top.

Small gymnastics even in the workplace, will help reduce fatigue and swollen feet. Raise and lower the toes, stand on tiptoe, walk on tiptoe. Sitting on a chair, describe toed shoes in the air of large and small ovals, circles, or, for example, the entire alphabet. Such a simple move will save you from stagnation in the feet, will help avoid painful swelling, heaviness and You will no longer ask the question: what to do when swollen legs.

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