What to do in acute dental pain?

Probably, everyone in their life at least once experienced an acute toothache. And no matter what you do at one time or another, frown or smile, drink, eat, open or clenching of the jaw, make a turn of the head, breathe, toothache are not always going on!

If acute toothache attacked you at the weekend or late at night, and there is no opportunity to even visit - dental clinic, it is necessary to resort to quite effective emergency relief of the pain, to at least a temporary relief of unbearable suffering.

To start, you most carefully remove from cavities in the teeth and interdental spaces leftover food. In its pure state it is recommended to maintain the teeth in the future.

You can rinse your mouth with warm (but not hot!) solution of soda for cooking which you want teaspoon soda dissolved in a glass of water. Another effective way to deal with toothache: take a SIP of vodka over a sore tooth. Some amount of alcohol will be absorbed by the gums and the tooth will numb. To a painful tooth or the adjacent cheek can be applied for 15 minutes the ice. This procedure should be repeated at least 3-4 times a day.

If painful tooth in half of the cases will help to ease the pain massage the palm of your hand. In the place where the bones of the thumb and forefinger, carefully, shocks to press the skin with an ice cube for 5-7 minutes. During the procedure, friction impulses are sent along the nerve pathways, which is a transfer of a toothache. For once these paths are capable of only one signal, so the pain is replaced by friction.

We need to unload the affected side, try to go there do not hit hard food. If the current of air leads to increased pain, it is better to keep his mouth shut. If tooth pain increases because of malocclusion, the mouth should be closed as possible, until the jaw will not be visiting the dentist.

The person who is suffering from a toothache, you may use traditional analgesics: analgin, baralgin, sedalgin etc. to should Refrain from taking aspirin. Analgesic effect of this medication is small, and in taking it in large doses unsafe for health. Three hours before visiting the dentist pain drug drinking should be stopped to allow the physician to realistically assess the seriousness of the situation and make the correct diagnosis.

Do not be afraid to contact the duty of the clinic, if you visit your dentist for any reason at the moment impossible. In most cases, professionals working in such institutions, will help to relieve acute phenomena without a permanent fillings and tooth removal. And when will work with your doctor, you with peace of mind and without acute pain to go to him for further treatment.

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