What to do if your child malocclusion

If you have uneven teeth, whatever means you used - Hollywood smile is not achieved. Surely someone you know has complained that in my childhood my parents did not care about his teeth and not insisted on braces. And if you don't want to hear something like this from your child, you need to take care about the correct bite at a very early age (of course, if the problem really is).

In our time on the home place is the aesthetic aspect. Children are often cruel, and your child can bring about the problem the hard way. In addition, dentists say that malocclusion should be treated as early as possible due to the fact that in more Mature age may experience problems such as muscle and joint dysfunction, and dental caries.

There are 5 periods of the formation of the child's bite:

- The neonatal period - the teeth have not yet emerged;

- The period of formation of temporary occlusion milk teeth begin to erupt;

Already formed a temporary occlusion - cut out all milk teeth, there will be a total of 20;

- Mixed (removable) bite is when the milk teeth still remained, but indigenous already appear;

- The period of formation of the permanent dentition. It completely replaces all teeth - molars.

And the sooner you will begin to correct malocclusion, the more effective these actions.

First, you need to contact the orthodontic clinic at the age of 3 - 6 years. If you do not Shine with the perfect smile, the child can also be a problem. But it also depends on external factors: prolonged sucking nipples, premature removal of teeth, bad habits (thumb sucking, mouth breathing, and so on). It is also important to understand that not all problems are obvious and you can define them yourself - you need to see a specialist orthodontist.

The most common malocclusion problems in children. This is, firstly, the disparity between the teeth and the alveolar arches. This is expressed in the fact that there are large gaps between the teeth and the teeth are located in the bunch. This can be caused by hyperdontia - the presence of excess or lack of teeth. Sometimes two adjacent teeth are swapped. And yet, one tooth is shifted with respect to the entire row of teeth.

May have an open bite is when the teeth do not fit in front or to the side. Or Vice versa, deep bite is a strong overlap of the upper teeth lower. There may be another cross, distal, anterior bites.

You can fix everything, especially at an early age. Very young children will be suitable preventive plate, similar to the nipple. Trainer - Kappa, made of elastic material, suitable for older children. Usually, after wearing such devices, other methods of orthodontic measures are not required. If the child is 10-12 years, to bite shows braces - fixed structures. They can be different - from metal, colored plastic, ceramic, sapphire system. It all depends on your wallet. The first and most inexpensive, but also the most noticeable. Well, the latest, most expensive, eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing. Has internal braces - they are more shows teenagers as they require more care and oral hygiene.

And may bite correction - it's not fast and sometimes a little painful. But the result is worth it - beautiful, and most importantly healthy smile! Your children will certainly say "thank you".

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