What to do if your child is asthmatic

One of the most common and severe respiratory disease is asthma. The lungs, stands out an excessive amount of mucus that blocks the Airways, causing the child becomes hard to breathe, it suffers from constant coughing and sneezing. You can help in treating the disease humidifier-air purifier.

Causes of asthma

In the modern world, air and water is polluted with harmful substances, which, undoubtedly, is one of the causes of this disease. Allergies are another cause of disease. It can be caused by anything: dust, dander, cigarette smoke or something else. Another cause of this disease can be and the cold air or cold-related illness, and even physical overload.

Than to help the child?

Doctors usually prescribe to their patients the tools-inhalers that extend the respiratory tract and are applied directly during an asthmatic attack. To the child the attacks happened less often, try to follow a few rules:

- protect from pathogen allergies;

- keep pillows and blankets in the packets;

- walk in places remote from the roadway;

- remove from home carpet;

- do not smoke in the house and next to the child;

- do not burn fireplaces;

- use conditioner for cleaning air;

- use a humidifier.

The use of a humidifier-air purifier for asthma

Many people doubt the benefits of this modern device, therefore, it is necessary to emphasize its advantages. Children intensively pass metabolism, so the body emits more heat than adults. When indoor air is too dry, the child loses a lot of fluid and more sweats, thickens the blood, and sometimes disrupted some organs. Great value humidifier-air purifier has to mucous membranes of the child. Due to the lack of moisture in the mucous membrane are formed crust, which leads to difficulties in breathing. In addition, in this state, it loses its protective properties and is favorable for bacterial growth, which leads to a high risk of various diseases. Also dry the mucous membranes react more dust and allergens.

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Thus, using a humidifier-air purifier, you can minimize the appearance of asthma in a child and to reduce the frequency of attacks.

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