What to do if you find yourself thrush

Vulvovaginal candidiasis or, in other words, thrush is an inflammatory disease of female genital organs caused by Candida fungi. The causative agent of thrush - microscopic fungi that may be present in the body and healthy women. This problem is not rare, and is one of the most frequent causes of treatment to the gynecologist. At least once in life acute candidiasis hurts to 75% of women. But in some women the risk of developing this unpleasant condition is higher than in others. Endocrine diseases such as diabetes mellitus and hypothyroidism significantly increase the risk of developing thrush. Also increased risk of candidiasis in women receiving long-term antibiotics, hormones (glucocorticoids and some types of oral contraceptives), pregnant and with the weakening of immunity.

Symptoms of thrush in women banal - itch and allocation cheesy nature of sexual ways, worse in the evening and before menstruation. However, if You have a chronic yeast infection symptoms can be absent or to be negligible. This is not a reason to postpone the visit to the gynecologist, because in addition to hygienic and aesthetic inconvenience to the development of thrush can lead to complications of pregnancy, can lead to other problems of an intimate nature, and even cause emotional disorders. If You have 4 or more episodes of thrush in the year, it is likely that the disease has become chronic in nature. Run to the doctor! If you suspect You have thrush, treatment should begin as soon as possible, and treat You to a specialist. Only after gynecological examination can accurately diagnose and, most importantly, assessing the severity of the disease, prescribe an adequate treatment. It is not always so widely advertised candles from thrush can provide a complete cure of the disease. And, poluchivshii tool, which helped a friend or acquaintance you run the risk of transfer of disease into a chronic condition. Usually, the treatment is not complicated cases of candidiasis is not a work. Much harder treatment, if for yeast infection has become chronic, protracted (often this happens after inappropriate self-medication). In the acute form of the disease, and pregnant women are most frequently used local products in the form of suppositories and vaginal tablets. Chronic recurrent course of the disease along with local treatment necessary medications that affect the entire body. And in that and in other case, the dose and duration of medication should be determined by the doctor. Finally, it should be remembered that thrush is often only a local manifestation of a General ill-being of Your body. To minimize the possibility of this disease should always carefully monitor their health, prevent intestinal dysbacteriosis, to avoid stress and fatigue and not to use antibiotics without medical supervision.

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