What to do if you find yourself hepatitis?

Of course, when the man announced that he was diagnosed with hepatitis difficult to remain calm and react to such messages. However, this is not a reason to give up, because this disease is quite treatable, although it will be long and tedious.

The most simple in the treatment of acute hepatitis A and B. thus, even there is no need for application specific antiviral treatment. They are usually spontaneous complete recovery, but as with any other disease, these forms require regular supervision of a physician, because there is the likelihood of complications. Treatment usually involved in infectious disease specialists, because their symptoms are similar in many ways with infectious diseases.

In the case of chronic viral hepatitis B and C, there is also the likelihood of full recovery, but it is not absolute. The best treatment responds to hepatitis C when using the combined scheme antiviral therapy, including nucleoside analogues and interferons, the treatment efficiency is 80%. The use of such a combination and separately, these methods are ineffective, gives the possibility to guarantee the termination of the reproduction of viruses and the salvation of the liver.

First-class specialists in the field of diagnosis and treatment of renal diseases are hepatologists. Therefore, the appointment of a hepatologist is a prerequisite guaranteed recovery, because in this case the foreground is to prevent the occurrence of irreversible changes in the functioning of the liver.

Modern medicine offers a small selection of the most effective drugs used in the treatment of chronic viral hepatitis - types of interferon, there are less than ten, and nucleoside analogues - 4. Almost all of them are produced by foreign manufacturers and have considerable value. If we consider that the treatment is quite long, it becomes obvious how high the price goes to recovery.

Against this background, one can increasingly hear about alternative methods of treatment of viral hepatitis - herbal medicine, methods of "alternative medicine" and others are people confirming the effectiveness of these methods. However, direct evidence of their efficacy is not available.

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Therefore, the most reliable is to appeal to the doctor hepatologist, who, after conducting the necessary tests, prescribe the most effective treatment. And of course you should prepare for a long treatment, the duration of which in some cases reaches one year.

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