What to do if you find a child diathesis

In fact, diathesis, the child is not a disease, and predisposition to allergic reactions on the skin (itching and redness), and severe respiratory infections, eczema and other diseases.

The reasons for its emergence can serve the following factors:

1. not the correct selection of baby food;

2. not a balanced diet of pregnant and lactating mothers;

3. poorly humidified room, the presence of unsanitary conditions;

4. premature introduction in the diet of the baby baby food.

When choosing baby food, a new mother should consult with your pediatrician, and not to feed your baby formula imposed in advertising. The main thing to remember is that infant formula should help your baby grow strong and healthy.

What are the symptoms you can understand that the child appeared diathesis?

On the cheeks toddler red spots, they later covered with a crust, which in effect starts to itch. These spots may appear in the groin, behind the ears and cause discomfort to the child.

Also on the head, on the brow of the baby can be yellow stains, with a dry crust, it gneiss.

Some young patients may develop conjunctivitis and long lasting rash.

If not just do the treatment, you may have a more complex symptoms:

1. reduced muscle tone,

2. diarrhea,

3. the appearance of excess weight,

4. inflammation of the larynx and tonsils.

Treatment diathesis.

In fact the treatment diathesis is a change in the diet of the baby. If the child is an infant, and he drinks the mother's milk, then she needs to change her diet. If the baby eats the mixture, you need to avoid those foods that cause allergies. Give the kid a new product, need not many, do not forget to watch the reaction of his body. The doctors advised my mother to keep a diary of food, which means her baby and keeping track of how the product affects him.

In order to remove the redness of the child, you need to wipe it with furatsilina. With gneiss need to fight with the help of vegetable oil, and even after the baby comes into the tub, yellow spots comb comb.

So you can use folk remedies. One such tool is the decoction of herba bidentis. More effective will be the infusion of burdock root, this means you need to give the baby every day for 2 tablespoons.

You can also cook the cream for the baby, which will be based on fir oil and baby oil in this mixture and add vitamin C and regularly lubricated affected areas of the skin.

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