What to do if you broke a tooth?

There are several types of damage to the teeth. One of the most common defects is split (splitting) of the tooth. The extent of this damage is different: from a small chip to the enamel to considerable damage. The absence of even a small part of the tooth gives a lot of inconvenience, not aesthetic looks and can be quite painful.

The occurrence of such a defect should not be a cause for panic. Modern dentistry offers patients many ways to disguise or to fix chipped and prevent further destruction of the affected tooth. With minimal and moderate damage to the familiar form and function of the tooth surface will help to restore composite materials. To recreate completely destroyed the tooth will allow the implants or prosthetics. The result of applying these treatments is a great copy of your own tooth, which also has high durability and aesthetics.

Causes of chips

The main causes chipping of the teeth can be attributed to mechanical trauma, unhealed disease, defect occlusion and location of the teeth, improperly installed seals, the use of solid or viscous products, enamel decay, bad habits. An important influence and the General condition of the body: the destruction of the teeth cause diseases of internal organs, hormonal imbalance, lack of calcium.

What to do?

Assessing independently the degree of damage, you must decide for themselves whether to go to the dentist immediately or acceptable to wait a few days. Minor enamel damage or break off a small piece physician podtochit edge or restore the shape of the tooth.

In more serious cases, when there was a fracture of dentin restoration is also possible, however, its implementation will require more time.

But if there was a splitting of the greater part of the tooth, and has exposed the pulp chamber, with reference to the doctor is delayed. Typically, these defects are accompanied by the strongest pain resembling a pulpit. The dentist will remove the nerve, will zaplombiroval channels and restore the crown. In those cases where the injury damaged the root, often have to completely remove the remaining part.

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Before visit to the doctor it is undesirable to remove yourself splinters, and if bleeding gums, it is necessary to press a piece of sterile cloth. Even with a slight chips requires the intervention of a dentist, because the damaged enamel cannot prevent the penetration of pathogenic bacteria in the deeper layers of the tooth, resulting in the development of caries and more dangerous complications.

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