What to do if you broke a thermometer?

Mercury is a silver color metal. If broken mercury thermometer is scattered on the surface of the small balls and get into the human body through the respiratory tract or digestive tract, causing acute poisoning. When a person experiences severe headaches, nausea, vomiting, poisoning can lead to renal dysfunction.

What to do if you still broke a mercury thermometer?

Experts recommend to address for the qualified help or advice in emergency situations to protect themselves and their loved ones, if for any reason you can't do that, you must know how to collect the mercury from a broken thermometer on their own.

1) first of all you need to bring people from the premises where the accident occurred.

2) will Protect this place, the mercury beads stick to shoes and can easily be spread to other areas.

3) do Not create drafts before you collect all the mercury, however, if the temperature of the outside air is lower than indoors, you should open the window to the room began to lower the temperature, so you will reduce the excretion of mercury vapor.

4) Wear a gauze bandage and rubber gloves, collect drops of mercury with a syringe, adhesive tape, rubber bulbs, tape, foil or wet newspaper and put in a jar with water, be sure to close the cover and store away from heat.

5) The Bank must submit to the relevant authorities.

6) After collecting mercury be sure to check the room for 2-3 hours.

7) the Place of the accident with the bleach, bleach solution or plain soap-soda solution.

After collecting the mercury will call MOE.

What should not be done:

• discard broken thermometer in the chute;

• do not sweep the place break the thermometer broom or remove mercury vacuum;

• mercury in any case do not empty into drains, because she can settle on the sewer pipe;

• clothes that have been cleaned should be discarded and not be washed with other things;

• when he gets on the carpet, it should gently roll from the edges to the center so that the mercury is not slid with him.

After completing all the necessary requirements for cleaning up a broken thermometer for prophylaxis it is necessary to drink plenty of diuretic liquids, because, as you know, mercury is excreted from the body through the kidneys.

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