What to do if the child does not sleep at night?

The child grows in his sleep. We often hear this phrase, not giving it much importance. Actually it contains scientific truth - it is during sleep in a child's body produces growth hormone. If the child is disturbed sleep, he becomes irritable, nervous, he violated the attention and all this affects overall health.

What to do if the child does not sleep at night? First of all find out the cause.

Causes of sleep disorders in children

• Excitement from overly active and violent games before going to sleep. Sometimes it is enough to replace the noisy battles for quiet reading or watching cartoons as a child quietly falls asleep. A few hours before bedtime, it is desirable for a walk with the baby in the fresh air, not giving him much to run and frolic. A peaceful walk will help you easily fall asleep.

• Uncomfortable bed or pajamas. Rough seams, tight clothing or too soft (hard) mattress not give the baby to sleep. Check the bed and change the sheets more spacious and soft. Bedding should be made of natural materials and do not have seams or details that impede the child. Replace the feather-bed orthopedic mattress, cotton blanket on the duvet. Sometimes the cause of poor sleep can be a pillow as too small and flat and overly thick and large.

• Too warm and stuffy bedroom. Airing before bedtime makes falling asleep easy and fast. The temperature in the bedroom should be lower than in other areas.

• Sometimes the kid is afraid of the dark. In it he seem to see moving shadows and see the monster, especially if the child is very impressionable, or is endowed with a rich imagination. Sometimes the cause of night terrors become parents or relatives, "foster" scary kid Baba-Yaga or babyboy. Put in a kid's room the night and gradually it will get rid of their fears and sleep to recover.

• A frequent cause of anxiety and poor sleep - worms. They are especially active at night, and the itching does not give the child to sleep. Take him to the doctor and get tested. After treatment you and the kid will forget about sleep problems.

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Causes of sleep disorders in a child can be a lot. Do not attempt to assign a child medication, eliminate the first simple reasons, and only then consult a competent doctor.

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