What should be a perfect fairy tale – the answer scientists

For this 2000 parents in the experiment read their children a bedtime story. Scientists thus recorded the time it took to put the baby to sleep. Interestingly, half of the parents used stories instead of fairy tales, 8% were not confident in their abilities storyteller, writes The Daily Mail.

A perfect tale should be about 8.5 minutes. The kids loved it when the parents copied the voices of the characters. One third of children did not perceive the tale, if there were no dragons, another third did not like the fairy tale without fairies and wizards, and 17% without the Prince on a white horse.

Every third child believed that the tale should that happen in the castle, 18% liked the stories in a magical land. One in five children wished that the main character rode horses, 14% voted for flying cars, about 9% over the carpet.

Sometimes scientists are faced with situations that put them in a deadlock. Some children wanted the main character was the Xbox, a lightsaber or a magic screwdriver from the popular series "Doctor Who".

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