What shoes is more secure?

For quite a long time continues to dispute what shoes more secure: no heels or the heel. This, in fact, a rhetorical question we tried to answer Savolainen traumatology clinical hospital Lupino Professor Elena Lytvyn.

According to her, walking in shoes with heels are unsafe, because it becomes the cause of fracture of ankle or ankles, or dislocation of the foot. Besides, the high heels also cause falls, during which there are torn ligaments in the ankle or foot.

The above injuries of the extremities are quite serious, and requires a long and tedious treatment. Very often breaks cure harder than fractures. Among other things, the lover "studs" often suffer from foot deformities or stop that also come in varying degrees of severity and can lead to surgery.

Wearing shoes without a heel is also not a panacea for all of the above troubles. The flat sole is fraught with the development of flatfoot, as well as leading to pathology changes in the Achilles tendon. Thrombophlebitis, the curvature of the first, and in some cases, the curvature of all toes - all these diseases can also be caused by wearing shoes with a flat sole.

Moreover, the flat-soled shoes violates the static position of the whole body, which leads to additional strain on the spine and to the emergence of hernias of intervertebral hernias.

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