What products can replace meat

In the right diet any person should always be present protein. The main sources are dairy products, cheese, eggs, and, of course, meat. But they also contain fats, which tend to condense on the walls of some vessels. Their excessive accumulation can lead to obesity. Many doctors say that eating lots of meat is harmful to health. However, to exclude it from the diet completely not worth it, especially men, because protein affects the amount of testosterone.

The meat contains a lot of useful substances. This protein, which, in fact, is a building material for the body, and calcium, essential for bone and iron, which is supported by the level of hemoglobin in the blood. In addition, the meat is still 8 amino acids, zinc and vitamin B12. Some people prefer vegan food, that is, the complete exclusion from the diet of meat products. So what exactly products you can replace meat?

Sharp exclusion of meat from the diet can bring harm to our body. It's better to go for products that contain vegetable protein.

A source of iodine and protein can be regarded as algae. A lot of different minerals and chlorophyll, they are able to regulate blood sugar levels, improve brain processes. Algae are low-calorie, but at the same time, they have relatively high fermentation. That is why in the day you can eat no more than 100 grams.

Dairy products contain the right amino acids, calcium and protein. In dairy products, there is also vitamin B12. Beans and other cereals can also replace meat. They contain the same 8 amino acids. The lentils have a lot of vegetable protein, and vitamins a, b, D, E. It is able to improve metabolism and overall metabolism. Has some positive effect on the urinary system.

Fish products, the same amount of protein and a lot of iron. They can fully replace meat products.

Consumption of nuts improves memory, strengthens, increases immunity. Pistachios can improve the potency.

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With consumption of vegetables can be sufficient to saturate the body with iron and all the necessary vitamins.

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