What medications can be taken during beremennosti

If during pregnancy the woman had any disease, it certainly should be treated. If you get rid of the disease using folk remedies, it could be the ideal option. However, there are a large number of diseases, from which it is impossible to remove without the use of drugs.

The use of a medication may be necessary not only in the treatment of acute diseases, but also for the maintenance therapy of chronic diseases. But remember that drugs can harm the fetus, therefore, started the woman should only after consultation with a doctor.

If there is a situation when no medicines would not be possible, the woman should follow some rules to the treatment of its own body did not cause harm to the developing fetus.

- The mother should not self-medicate. It also in no case should not seek help from ignorant people. Pharmacist in a regular pharmacy also may not be the person who is able to find a suitable drug for pregnant.

A woman should consult with your doctor. You also need to read the instruction medicines sold with it. Usually they write, is it possible to receive this funds in pregnancy or not. If you have any questions, the expectant mother can consult your doctor. If for some reason, he does not trust, it may help to have a therapist that deals with the examination of pregnant women.

- If a woman took any drug, but did not know she was pregnant, then she should as soon as possible to tell your doctor about it. In that case, if accepted drug was teratogenic effects, i.e. causes deformity, it may raise the question of abortion.

Pharmacists issued a special list of potentially dangerous drugs. In order to avoid accidental admission of such funds, the woman should imagine, than it can threaten the particular drug. In the annotation to some drugs is the code that denotes a specific group of teratogenicity. Code consisting of two letters, indicates a negative impact on the unborn child at certain stages of pregnancy. For example, if you take aspirin in early pregnancy, the negative effect on the fetus will not be. But if the same tablet women get drunk at a later time, it can cause various malformations in the fetus.

Compliance letters and possible harm is as follows:

And while research medicines harmful effects on the fetus have been identified.

- The experiment was conducted on animals, the damage is not detected, however, when taking the medicine man, the other possible consequences.

From the experiment was conducted on animals found harmful effects on the fetus, however, when taking the medicine man other possible consequences.

- D - proven harmful effects on the fetus, but the reception is possible if it is vital for the mother.

- X - harmful effects on the unborn child outweighs the benefit to the mother.

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