What linen is good for health

Just think, the average person comes into contact with linens for more than 20 years of his life. Given this fact, like, what would be the bed was not only beautiful, but also useful for health.

Healthy sleep - the key to mental health. Bed linen, in the first place should be comfortable and pleasant to the touch. Positive tactile feel of linen will create a comfortable feeling in bed and improve sleep. Materials that cause a pleasant tactile sensations include natural fabrics of cotton, silk and flax. On the bed of these tissues will be warm and cozy.

Very light and airy, made of cotton yarn with a rare weave. Bed linen lawn perfect for the hot period, it is very breathable and does not allow moisture to linger for a long time - it creates a kind of antibacterial effect, no moisture, no development of bacteria, in addition, this bed linen is easily washed and dried. The disadvantage of cambric linen can be attributed to the fragility, after 40-50 washes this bedding begins to burst and tear.

The more dense the tissue structure makes bed linen satin durable, and its hygroscopic properties do not allow moisture to linger for a long time. Sateen bed linen is suitable for a cold winter and hot summer. Satin sheets with the addition of silk to treat luxury bedding options.

Fabric Basiago bed linen is made from cotton yarn of coarse. Density of coarse depends on the seasonality of bed linen. In the winter we use thick calico, summer - fine linen calico. Its structure improves microcirculation in the skin, which is useful for elderly people with impaired metabolism in the skin. When choosing Basiago underwear it is important to remember that it is inferior to its hygroscopic properties of other natural fabrics, so this lingerie it is important to ventilate. Another disadvantage of this linen dries long and hard to be ironed.

Pleasant in the cool winter or autumn to immerse yourself in a warm and soft bed linen flannel. It is well suited for the elderly, as well able to retain heat, which they often will nehvataet because of impaired circulation. Unfortunately, flannel bed linen short-lived, it quickly formed pellets, and it loses its appearance.

Linen fabric has good antibacterial effect, due to its high hygroscopicity and acidity. Bed linen will not give the opportunity to develop bacteria and fungi. In addition, this bed will well warm in the cold winter and will create the effect of coolness in the hot summer, and the structure of the fabric improves microcirculation in the skin. Linen bed ideal for children, pregnant women and people with skin diseases. Linen fabric is superior cotton fabric for breathability, electrostatically, thermal conductivity, hygroscopicity.

Some of the most expensive bedding sets made of silk. Silk bedding is pleasant to the touch, it excites, therefore only suitable for special events when you want to create a romantic and exciting love the atmosphere. Sets of silk contraindications to regular use, this bedding will disrupt sleep, causing an invigorating effect.

Healthy sleep for a utility bed!

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