What kind of clothes destroys health

The doctors told us, long-term wearing any clothes can lead to permanent health problems. The clinic Director physiotherapy in Bristol Richard Britnell shared, what clothes in everyday life it is better to avoid for their own benefit.

So, tight pants, jeans increase the pressure on the lower abdomen, it compresses the stomach and causes the acid in it is to be understood up, she gets into the esophagus and causes heartburn. If you wear them constantly, heartburn this nature may result in ulcers, inflammations, or in the worst case of cancer of the esophagus. Additionally, the contraction of the abdomen, in particular the wearing of corsets, prevents the diaphragm to drop, which causes hyperventilation of the lungs, stress incontinence, and even bouts of uncontrollable panic. In addition, his constant wearing can develop nerve entrapment outer thigh and pelvis, which leads to pain in the groin, onemany and tingling.

Also avoid tight shirts with buttoned tightly at the neck, the generated pressure may increase the risk of eye diseases, as it is a constant pressure on the jugular vein and an increase of internal pressure in the eye.

Additionally, if you restrict the flow of blood directly to the brain through the carotid artery, the person will be constantly sick and dizzy, and there will be problems with vision.

Tight underwear, especially from unnatural fabrics, can lead to poor sperm quality in men and even infertility.

If you wear too tight shoes, the feet are more likely to develop fungus.

However, two-thirds of modern women does not throw out clothes that have become low, hoping to wear it again, losing weight.

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