What is the use of massage?

Foot massage can truly be called unique method, which allows to improve the health of the human body. In the medical literature are described dozens of species of this massage. His techniques and methods can be found by reviewing medical video or visiting seminars on relevant topics.

Feet this is one of the special zones of the human body, which is sensitive to external influence. Touching her pleasant and very helpful. According to ancient Eastern traditions, loving wife, before you fall asleep, give each other "happy feet" (foot massage).

Such touches are significant for the entire body. During the foot massage is a mild influence on biologically active points, which are located in this area. This allows you to normalize many systems of the body.

Foot massage:

- relaxes the body and relieves him from insomnia;

- resolves edema;

- relieves fatigue;

- improves metabolism and respiration of the skin;

- normalizes blood circulation;

- relieves stress;

- strengthens the immune system;

- allows you to experience unforgettable pleasure!

The use of foot massage will help to relieve a person from pain. Massage the right sole has a beneficial effect on the internal organs, which are located on the right: the liver, gall bladder. Massaging the upper part of the right foot activates the reproductive system of the body.

If you carefully study the left sole, it will be a good stimulus for the heart and spleen. The plot, which is related to the heart, is located between the two tubercles slightly above center.

If both hands to prominate area around pinkie, calm down shoulder pain, and knee pain and the sacrum will, if carefully massage the area located closer to the heel.

Tortured migraine? In this case, will help the rubbing of the thumb. In diseases of the eye you need to pay attention to two middle fingers, and if there are problems with the spine - the sole on the inside.

Maximum benefits foot massage will bring, if practiced daily use before bedtime. But, no matter how useful this type of massage, do not forget that it is contraindicated for varicose veins and diabetes.

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