What is the use of honey massage

People have noticed the extraordinary properties of honey. It was used to overcome the internal ailments and to maintain external beauty, using various combinations with other components or independently. Honey is a unique product that can be stored forever in ready to use form. This is evidenced by the excavations of the Egyptian pyramids, in which was found a few pots of this wonderful product.

The effectiveness of honey massage

Massage with the use of honey has a double effect. It can be therapeutic or cosmetic. Cosmetic massage improves the appearance of skin, making it smoother and fresh. This is due to the cleansing of the skin cells from the fat and toxins, improve lymph flow and cell metabolism. Especially effective massage in combination with honey for cellulite, the signs of which disappear as evenly distributed subcutaneous fat layer.

Therapeutic massage with honey shows people suffering from chronic bronchitis and diseases of the upper respiratory tract. It also has a positive effect on the General nervous and immune systems.

Honey massage at home

With honey you can do massage at home, enough to know a few important rules.

Honey, best flower, before taking a massage, you need to warm up on a water bath. It can optionally add a few drops of some aromatic fragrances ( vanilla, orange, lavender, and others) or a bit of sea salt. After preliminary warming massage on the selected area of the body, it is applied warm honey . Each time it is necessary to choose one area and not the whole body. This can be the feet, hips, belly, collar area, and so on, No matter what movements you will be doing the massage itself is easy pallipalayam or vigorous applause, the main thing is that this procedure gives you pleasure. Massage should be done 15 -20 minutes, then as soon as your hands will be hard to break away from the body, all the honey together in post slag is washed off with warm water using a soft sponge. Massage with the addition of sea salt is not more than 1 time per week, not to overdry the skin. Each time, wash the honey from the body after a massage and blotting the body with a towel, apply a moisturizing cream that will further enhance the aesthetic effect to your skin.

Anyone not shown honey massage

As with all medical or cosmetic procedure, honey massage has its contraindications. It is, first and foremost, intolerance to honey by the body, as well as the presence of a large number of moles, varicose veins, any tumor, etc.

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