What is the secret to a happy marriage – the answer scientists

Researchers from research Institute Rothman conducted an experiment involving 14 women aged about 40 years. The subjects were shown videos with their husbands or strangers. People's emotions from the screen did not match the title of the video, says The Daily Mail.

One video is titled "wedding Day" was said, the footage from experiences because of an accident on the road. This situation has led to confusion of volunteers. The brain activity of women increased more than that of men. We are talking about the reaction on the record with people you know.

Scientists sum up: women are more sensitive to positive emotions of her husband. Even women who are in good relations with her husband, was increased activity in the parts of the cortex associated with empathy or the ability to empathize. Experts advise to pay attention to the positive emotions of a partner to maintain cordial relations.

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