What is the secret of female beauty?

And that actually there is no secret. First, in order always in a positive way to attract the attention of other people, your body and the body must be healthy and blooming.

Full and proper food, and a healthy, sound sleep, and a good nervous system, supported by sport is not only essential for a happy life, but pleasant and smooth complexion.

For prevention need to watch your diet - you consumed the food should be quite diverse, necessarily rich in vitamins and microelements. Eat more greens - for example, the inhabitant of the Caucasus eat a wide variety of salads, and so the result is evident. In all senses.

Secondly, in order to become truly beautiful, we need healthy sleep. Lack of sleep greatly affects the General condition of any organism, but also on the state of the human immune system, making us more nervous, restless, makes you frown. And small wrinkles, and even mimic, not paint.

Now a lot of harm computers, especially strongly they affect vision. But if you replace the usual home computer to the tablet, then you will be better able to preserve vision and less tired when working at the computer.

By the way, all the tips above are true not only in relation to women and young girls, but also against men.

Today, to be truly beautiful without makeup is a skill, the ability to lead a healthy lifestyle, to use the resources of the body, and to use what was given to us by mother nature.

Therefore, strive always to all natural. For example, try in the treatment of any disease and reduce the use of chemicals, especially when this can be easily avoided.

All potent drugs have a powerful inhibitory effect on the liver, then it ceases to function normally, and because the liver is responsible for the excretion of toxins, dangerous its toxic substances.

If you are reading this article you feel discomfort in the eyes, it means that you have a good monitor. Read the best new tablet Samsung with a special screen. Eye health is also very important, do not think that a good vision for you is not necessary.

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