What is the result of sports injuries

Elbow baseball, shoulder gymnast, wrist, tennis player, runner's knee are just a few of the names used by sports doctors to describe the ever-increasing number of fatigue injuries, they sent the children together with their parents.

April is national safety month Safety youth sports, and sports medicine specialists of the Children's Center at Johns Hopkins in a hurry to remind the coaches, parents and pediatricians that dislocations, fractures and concussion is not the only injury that should be feared.

In contrast to the serious, fatigue insidious trauma that develop chronic overstrain or incomplete rehabilitation after a previous injury.

Emmy the Valasek, pediatrician, doctor of medical Sciences and expert sports medicine center Hopkins University, says that in the month with sports injuries receives an average of a hundred children, and more than half of them suffer from the abuse of physical exertion.

Approximately 40-45 million children from America in the age of 6-18 years engaged in a variety of sports, and most of them pass pretty intense, specialized, year-round training.

The Valasek says: "If this trend continues, approximately 30 years we will have a lot of adults suffering from serious chronic injuries that require intensive therapy and surgical intervention.

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"It's important to remember that most children do sports not to necessarily become Champions or professional athletes, but in order to keep your body in shape and to foster a sense of responsibility, discipline and ability to work in a team," says Amy.

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