What is the pressure?

Pressotherapy is one of the most effective methods of eliminating such problems as cellulite, and other various problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle.

Pressotherapy is a type of lymphatic drainage. In the process of conducting procedures on the lymphatic system acts compressed air which is fed by means of special corsets and dosed by the computer. This massage helps to get rid of cellulite, a considerable reduction of the volume of the body. It is used in the treatment of cellulite, obesity, flabby skin, heaviness in the legs.

What is the pressure?

Pressotherapy lymphatic drainage is a massage, contributing to the restoration of the lymph flow and venous blood. Because lymph performs nourishing and protective functions of the body, it also facilitates its purification. Pressotherapy contributes to the detoxification of excess water and harmful substances. All this helps in the treatment areas, which are affected by cellulite, and, consequently, improves the appearance of the patient.

Indications for use of pressure therapy.

As already noted, pressure therapy helps with cellulite, obesity, edema of different origin, with sagging skin in the rehabilitation process after surgery, with heaviness in the legs.

Pressotherapy especially needed with contraindications to the use of electrical stimulation of muscle tissue. In addition, therapy can provide a relaxing effect. You can feel the complete relaxation and comfort during the session. At the end of the pressure therapy, the client feels pleasant warmth in the body, and the lightness in the legs.

Basically, the course consists of fifteen procedures, the duration of each half-hour. Be pressotherapy every two days depending on the indications of the patient.

In order to increase the achieved effect from the procedure, pressure therapy, it can also be combined with a vacuum-roller massage, anti-cellulite massage and other treatments.

The course consists of two sessions a week, helps to reduce the volume and the weight loss of eight pounds ten procedures.

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Pressotherapy is an effective procedure for the prevention of diseases such as prostatitis, impaired potency and rejuvenates the body by means of purification and circulation of lymph.

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