What is the HFI and how to treat it

The human papilloma virus (HPV) infection is an infection that is transmitted, usually through sexual intercourse. And this virus has infected a lot of people, but not everyone is even aware of this fact, as the infection may not show any signs. In most cases, HPV resolves on its own, but sometimes this virus is capable of causing the formation of warts (warts on the skin and mucous membranes), and sometimes to cause cancer.

To determine the presence of HPV impossible, especially if there are no signs. And in order to detect infections are special tests that confirm or virus or indicate the presence of other diseases or announce "false alarm".

Anyway, if You are faced with this nasty infection, or rather its aftermath, the treatment of HPV should be started as soon as possible. Of course, to completely eliminate the virus cannot, as a single infection, he will always be in the human body. But don't worry about it, because the absence of warts suggests that the virus "sleeps", therefore, no threat, he is not responsible. But, nevertheless, you should periodically visit a doctor in case of "awakening" effects of HPV, time to fix them.

Typically, the modified treatment of the cells with the virus, should be surgically (lateralization, diathermoconisation, cryosurgery, amputation of the uterus), but for more effective treatment, the doctor may prescribe appropriate medications and ointments. It is also imperative to monitor their health in General, as the virus usually begins to manifest itself in the moments when Your body is weakened.

And, of course, You should know that in any case do not try to remove the formed warts yourself. First, it can cause more serious consequences. Secondly, You can introduce infection into the wound. Thirdly, it is very painful. But modern methods in clinics, will allow You to get rid of warts is not only without pain, but also with the prevention of possible risks. Moreover, the professionals have not only knowledge, but also experience, so do not be afraid to trust them with their problems. Because the only way You will be able to deal with any infections.

Source: onclinic.ru

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