What is the difference between laser hair removal from thotapalli

The most common method of laser removal is not desirable hair - laser epilation and photoepilation. These techniques have a similar basis: the hair is removed by using light of different radiation spectra.

However, the similarity of the procedures, they have important differences:

According to the method of exposure (range of light waves and the type of laser)

When laser hair removal for hair removal, you need to choose the right type of laser with a certain range individually (depending on the level of melanin in skin and hair color), and when hair removal treatment uses a special device that allows you to simultaneously affect the skin by light radiation of different spectra (560-nm). Device for photoepilation can be called universal for use in cosmetic procedures requiring qualitative impact on the melanin.

In terms of hardware (functional features of the device)

Device for photoepilation, thanks to the combination on the surface of the working head of the complex light radiation of different spectra, allows you to handle greater surface area than laser hair removal. But, since laser hair removal is used individually selected range of light radiation, the level of impact of the laser above, that is, the hair is removed "sure."

The number of procedures

When hair removal epilation need more treatments than laser hair removal. This is because when you remove the hair under the radiation gets not the whole hair and just repeated the procedure on the same skin area.

Laser hair removal provides accurate treatment of the hair follicles in the spectrum of light radiation, which leads to the destruction of all hair in the active growth phase, allowing to reduce the number of procedures.

For the duration of the procedure

Photoepilation takes significantly less time during the procedure, thanks to their unique design. For example, when laser hair removal removing hair from the upper lip takes about 15 minutes, and if photoepilation no more than 7 minutes.


Photoepilation expensive procedure compared to laser hair removal, because the equipment for hair removal is expensive and is used in other branches of cosmetology, in addition to hair removal. For example, the removal of hair from the chin laser hair removal is -2000 rubles, and the photo - epilation-3500 rubles.

The pain and the effectiveness of

These two methods of hair removal do not differ on these factors. Both procedures are somewhat painful, but the discomfort is reduced when using anaesthetic gel and terminate immediately after exposure to light radiation on the skin.

The effectiveness of laser and photoepilation the same. During the course of hair removal hair growth slows significantly, but after some time (depends on individual) hair begin to grow again, and periodically have to repeat the procedure.

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