What is the difference between ARI and ARI?

People often get sick in cold weather. In the hospital constantly writing - ARI or ARI. But how can one distinguish between these two diagnoses. The main excellence - microbial pathogens.

Some people have already got used each winter on several occasions to suffer from a runny nose, cough, malaise. The doctor on such complaints will respond recording ARI or ARI. Though the symptoms are similar, but the treatment should be different.

Acute respiratory disease unites respiratory tract infections, despite the reasons. Sources of infection are bacteria, viruses, microplasma. In the list of ODS include laryngitis, rhinitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, the common cold. In the case of such disease bacteria often attach to viruses or occur with diseases of the nasopharynx. Sometimes it is a complication of pneumonia, but only when the infection microplasma.

Acute respiratory viral infection is classified as a case of SARS. The cause of illness - influenza viruses, parainfluenza, adenoviruses, rhinoviruses. To distinguish the two diseases by symptoms.

ARD from the first days accompanied by fever and kept it for a long time. The throat can be either red or white covered by a dense mass. The cough goes from dry to wet. Nasal discharge clear or light yellow-green color.

To determine SARS patient must pass several tests. Main - the presence in the blood of viruses. Because the viral infection may eventually join the bacterial. Do them only when week two the patient is not recovering, and disease imprints of a chronic nature.

Externally, the same symptoms of the disease not to distinguish: weakness, fever, cough, sneezing, redness of the throat. Treatment differs significantly. Acute respiratory infections, possibly, the use of antibiotics. See the prescription of such drugs is a sure sign that there is a bacterial infection or SARS has already worsen. The child's body often falls under this disease.

Antibiotics cannot fight viruses, so about ARVI they will not help, so in this case prescribe antiviral drugs. Otherwise everything is the same.

Mostly are prescribed drugs to alleviate symptoms, for normal functioning of human rights and to strengthen the body's defenses. Definitely need to stay in bed, drink a lot of fluids and to regularly ventilate the room where dwells the patient.

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Conclusion: acute respiratory infections and colds are causative agent of the disease, and this is reflected in the choice of drugs for treatment.

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