What is the "breaking" of drug addicts and how to survive

Withdrawal syndrome, more popularly known as breaking, is a syndrome of physical disorders, which are often accompanied by mental disorders. Develops in patients suffering from drug addiction, after discontinuation of drugs used, or after reducing the input dose. It should be noted that breaking a measure of physical dependence drug addict from the drug. Treatment of drug addicts begins with Preodolenie breaking, understand what is included in the break down and how to survive.

Physical disorders include chills and cold sweats, aches in the bones and severe pain in the lower back, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea and sudden abdominal pain, and runny nose. Mental disorders should include tension and anxiety, fear and insomnia, and often growing with psychosis characterized by delusions, better known as “delirium tremens” when addicts see the so-called “cartoons”.

The most severe kind of withdrawal syndrome can occur in patients who already take drugs, and heroin addicts. Breaking these patients is so strong that the body some addicts just can't stand the load, and the patient dies. Typical symptoms of joining a common sensation when the patient feels that it has absolutely everything hurts, and palpitations. It is also noted apathy, sadness and isolation, fear, which is often accompanied by suicidal tendencies. The patient in this condition shouts, waving hands, can not sit in one place and therefore is in constant motion, groaning, sometimes tossing and turning in bed, as forces on other actions are simply not enough. In withdrawal patients strongly lose weight, sometimes up to 10-20 pounds.

During withdrawal, the addict thinks about where he would find the drug of choice. It should be noted that in this condition he is ready for anything, including theft and murder in order to get at least some money. After administration of the drug the patient has a false sense of euphoria, which is then replaced by a withdrawal syndrome. The average breaking lasts 5-7 days, and not every addict is able to survive these days.

Breaking associated with the violation of such endogenous substances, such as endorphins and encephalin, which sometimes is also called endogenous morphine. When taking the drug synthesis of these substances are disrupted, causing the addict becomes entirely dependent on favorite drug. In addition, when receiving the drug impaired synthesis of other biologically active substances that are involved in key processes in the Central nervous system and the organism as a whole, is epinephrine, norepinephrine and dopamine.

It should be noted that breaking is a serious condition that requires immediate medical attention, so it is naive to believe that the addict will be able to cope on their own. Withdrawal withdrawal at home is possible only with no prolonged drug use. In this case, the doctor prescribes medicines that help the patient to cope with addiction.

During inpatient treatment of patients assigned to a wide range of drugs, relieving nicotine withdrawal. First of all, naloxone, which is an antagonist of opioid receptors, which take drugs during the reception. In the future, the doctor prescribes medicines, depending on the condition of the patient, i.e. the treatment is symptomatic. Besides, we developed a special methadone program, which allows to achieve good results in a relatively short time. Methadone helps relieve nicotine withdrawal, without causing pleasurable sensations, which are so fond of addicts. At the moment this is the most promising technique in our country, which has shown excellent results in America, where it was developed.



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