What is RF-lifting and how it is conducted

Modern researchers are developing new technologies in the field of cosmetology, due to which women have the opportunity to maintain their natural beauty and youth for a long time. One of the innovative technologies - RF - lifting.

This technology is based on radio frequency radiation, i.e. the impact on the fabric of the electromagnetic pulse that eliminates cellulite, fat, and provides tightening of the facial skin and the entire body. During exposure to radiation stimulates intercellular membranes, normalizes the production of elastin and collagen, that is included, and restores the natural rejuvenation process of the skin.

Procedure RF - lifting activates intercellular processes for several months, gradually coming down to nothing, and when demand requires repetition.

Indications for RF - lifting

• cellulite;

• loose skin after liposuction, childbirth or weight loss;

• unaesthetic body in the areas of hips, abdomen and chest, which is particularly important for the normal self-esteem women;

• wrinkling and sagging of the skin;

• photoaging;

• to consolidate the results after surgical facelift.

An excellent effect is achieved by the combination of RF - lifting with mesotherapy and biorevitalization, then the effect of the procedure is stored for up to 2 years.

RF - lifting is carried out using apparatus 2 types:

• bipolar gently apply on the skin, and to get the desired result you want more than 3 treatments. Popular today bipolar devices with a vacuum effect, which in addition to the core requirements, improve blood circulation in the tissues and vessels ' condition, clean swelling;

• monopolar devices are used only once, to get a great result.

Disadvantages RF - lifting

• the negative effects of radio frequency radiation on the human body;

• high cost;

• course duration - up to 12 treatments, that takes a lot of time, as between treatments arranged break in 2 weeks.

Execution technology RF - lifting

Before lifting the patient is examined from a dermatologist contraindications. If permission is received, the beautician will begin the process of applying to the surface of the skin special funds as a layer between the device and the skin surface. The desired area is heated to 42 degrees Celsius, and after the specialist unit on the problem space, while maintaining a stable temperature.


• pregnancy and breast-feeding;

• benign tumors in the treated area;

• cancer, infectious and chronic diseases;

• dermatological diseases;

• the presence in the organism of a defibrillator or pacemaker.

The main advantage of RF - lifting is resuming its own body reserves without the use of chemicals and foreign substances.

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