What is polymodal and what is it for

Polymetal is a secure tool that will come in handy in the medicine Cabinet of any person. It effectively helps to stop inflammation, and quickly relieves the pain and promotes overall healthier body.

What is it? Polymetal is a polymer film of small size. Thanks to modern technology, it has been introduced the so-called normalized electric charge (about one ten-thousandth of a Coulomb per square meter), which increase the internal resources of the entire body. In the area of the resulting electrostatic field activated by special physical processes. This allows you to accelerate the merging of any fractures and regeneration of damaged tissues.

Many doubt the action of this film, over and over again asking what is the secret. But it's no secret, only scientific research. This tool is absolutely naturally increases the regenerative functions of the human body, affecting them in a totally secure manner. Polymetal helps our blood to restore their own body. That is why the tool has no side effects, because acts first as assistant for blood cells.

Polymetal was created as a result of experiments of military medicine, for its development took a lot of time and effort. Originally it was intended exclusively for the treatment of problems in Orthopaedics and traumatology. Film on ur cope with injuries, arthritis and fractures. Only later was it revealed that Polymetal able to act as an analgesic, i.e. quickly and effectively relieve pain in neuralgia, colic or cardialgia.

Of course, the polymeric film copes well with injuries and pain syndromes. Make no mistake, however, that Polymetal is a universal remedy for all diseases. It helps to restore circulation, heal injuries and relieve pain, but it is not a panacea for all diseases. In serious cases it is always best to consult with an experienced doctor and not to self-medicate.

Sale Polymetal and the polymer film is carried out by the ARGO. You can make an order through the Internet.

By the way!

Polymetal represents a film having the property of a magnet and thanks to the knowledge taken in school, you know that a magnet to the body of man or the paper to stick just can't! The effect of "magnetization" Polymetal related to the fact that the material accumulates electrostatic charge, which is accumulated in the storage period. Starting to use film, you will quickly relieve the electrostatics and thus the effect of "magnetization" will end.

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