What is osteopathy?

Osteopathy is one of the new directions of the medicine in which the physician solely by hand provides both diagnosis and treatment of the patient. For the osteopath is extremely important to have a fundamental knowledge of physiology and anatomy, as well as high sensitivity hand, all this is achieved over the years through special training. Because of its knowledge of the doctor-osteopath can understand the cause of the pain, even if it could not find the most modern medical devices. The fingers of the doctor is able to feel the tension of ligaments and muscles, as well as a variety of disorders in bodies. Doctor-osteopath is painless to heal people without the use of any drugs and operations.

Pathological changes in the human body, its organs and tissues change their shape, density, and temperature, they can move or grow. Doctor-osteopath is to find only the beginning of changes, until they begin to cause the patient pain. That is why it makes sense to seem to an osteopath for prophylaxis to prevent serious diseases.

Osteopathy is very effective in the treatment of various chronic diseases. If something happens with one body suffers the whole body, so you must first find the cause of the ailments of the patient, whereas the usual methods of medicine to focus only on the treatment effects. For this reason, it is optimal to combine treatment osteopathy and conventional medicine.

Osteopaths treat the whole body and not separate entities, so the body turns to its hidden resources, directing them to the disease. The hands of the osteopath is so sensitive that it can detect violations even a newborn baby, allowing you to completely change his fate.

Inspection at a reception at the osteopath includes several tests: listening to the patient's body, dynamic and static tests, as well as General and local listening.

Techniques of osteopathy include the impact on the spine, head, muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments, and internal organs.

Osteopathy is a very individual and effective therapy, which does not bear the risk of complications, due to the fact that the applied technique exclude any gross effect. Methods osteopathy is completely harmless, so it may be used by everyone.

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