What is nosophobia and how to cope with it?

Nosophobia is one of the many phobias person delivering him discomfort and disturb the normal rhythm of life. Patients suffering from nosophobia, constantly have a fear of disease and infection, otherwise this condition is called hypochondria. Such people are convinced that their health all the time something threatens, so their visits to doctors become regular, and the doctors that they are completely healthy, is perceived as a fraud. They are hundred percent sure that seriously ill. Describing physician fatigue, weakness, pain in the body, such patients do not lie, and they believe in their ailments. The reasons for this fear is rooted in such disorders as depression, increased suspiciousness, constant anxiety, the anticipation of poor health. Causes of hypochondria can be a great many - the person who once suffered a severe disease, may fear his return. In case of illness of people close to him, hypochondriac afraid to repeat their path. The disease literally haunted him at every step, which complicates the course of life. And because the treatment of fears need to start as soon as possible so that the issue has not acquired a stronger form.

Development of hypochondria can affect depression, low self-esteem, unconscious desire to attract the attention of family and friends when using the disease. Such people cannot control their behavior and status, so nosophobia negatively impacted on the lives of such patients on their work, on family relationships. And to diagnose that people are afraid to get sick, it is very difficult, because patients confidently say that they feel bad, and the physician, who discovered the disease during the inspection, we can only refer them to a psychologist.

Treatment of phobias of this type can be used in various methods. First, you need constant contact with the specialist to whom the patient has the confidence to avoid self-medication and relieve anxiety. Also the task of a specialist in the control of health status, which may eventually deteriorate, and the attempt to direct the thoughts of the patient in a positive way, to relax him, to make you believe in the possibility of full recovery

Being a chronic condition, nosophobia able to pursue the person for many years, and only appeal to a specialist will help you safer to treat anxiety symptoms, to control the situation and live with this diagnosis.

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