What is migraine and how to fight it

Modern experts say that migraine can be attributed to neurological diseases. It shows through in all different ways: someone suffers several times a month, and someone gets off "lightly" - a couple of times a year. In any case, often or rarely occurs this state, anything good it will not entail.

It is believed that women and girls in sexual formation) are most susceptible to this disease.

How does a migraine?

When the occurrence of migraines a person feels full inner emptiness and indifference to everything. Occurs involuntary need for the sense of peace and quiet. Therefore, people with migraine attacks, in most cases, trying to lie down in bed.

Attack increases with time, this is manifested by vomiting, no cause nausea, headache, irritation of sound and light, dizziness. After a certain period of time, the pain goes away, but man, for a long enough time feels bad.

What causes migraines?

Many have inherited the disease from their ancestors, and some of it is caused by disorders of the brain.

Constant stress, frequent stress, anxiety, pregnancy, menopause, menstruation - all this together with the situation can provoke migraine.


The disease occurs in four stages, based on individual tolerance of the body, all are different. Often between people feels great. The following are the most common symptoms of Mirena that are characteristic of each stage.

1. Irritability. The first sensation that occurs without reason. Irritability gradually replaced by fatigue and depression.

2. The aura. At this stage, the person sees white spots, zigzag lines, sometimes numbness in the extremities, impaired speech. The duration of this phase is limited (about thirty minutes).

3. The headache. It is this stage of the disease, people mistakenly perceive migraine per ordinary headache.

4. The expansion. Comes fatigue, apathy, irritability.

Methods of control and prevention

1. Proper diet (intake of healthy food on a schedule).

2. Normalized sleep (periodic Parisiana as sleep deprivation, have a negative impact on the body).

3. The body should work without a hitch, consequently physical or mental overexertion extremely prohibited.

4. If hormonal disturbance to take medicines under the supervision of a physician.

5. Migraine attacks should be removed in the initial stage of development, with the help of medicines (aspirin, paracetamol, ibuprofen).

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