What is meditation and how to meditate

Our life in the modern world is replete with abundance of wealth and comfort, at the same time we have to hide all the dissatisfaction with what is happening, anxiety, and complete indifference to the life.

Meditation is a feeling of inner silence and peace and complete harmony with your body. In this state, copious amounts of our thoughts is reduced several times, and we completely forget about the outside world and the problems of others, remain to be fully conscious and explicit memory.

Often the surrounding asking the question: "what is meditation and what is its essence?". Through meditation, one begins in a different way to perceive the meaning of life and realize that true happiness lies in himself. The main purpose of meditation is to search and rebirth in the person of that wonderful beginning, which will be able to change his spiritual and intellectual perception of the world.

Regular meditation classes help:

- mood elevation,

- complete physical and spiritual relaxation of the body;

- calm perception of stressful situations;

achieving positive results in the fight against bad habits;

- strengthening qualities and just nature in General;

- improved memory and intelligence in General.

Meditation is a communion with your soul, so while it is holding no one shall disturb you to make this process as thin as possible and natural.

There are no specific rules for the conduct of meditation, but there are a few recommendations that will teach you to meditate properly:

1.The best place for relaxation will be slightly darkened room, to be in a better in clothes loose and light tones. You can simply close your eyes and immerse yourself in your thoughts.

2.To should meditate in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, where there is no various external stimuli.

3.Highlight in your day time, during which you will be engaged in meditation. This is best done twice a day. Morning meditation will give you energy throughout the day and evening will remove accumulated during your day stress and fatigue.

4.Select the correct posture in which the back will be straight and will provide proper breathing and the circulation of oxygen through the lungs.

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5.During meditation completely relax your body and close your eyes, focus is directed in the most tense areas of the body, and concentrate on your breath and the mantra.

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