What is leukemia? How to treat it?

Leukemia is a disease, which is also referred to as "blood cancer". It is called exactly in the nation. The fact that the body of the patient produced by immature hematopoietic cells leukocytes.

Subsequently, they accumulate in large enough quantities in the bone marrow and in the blood and other organs, preventing them fully operational. As a rule, develops leukemia fairly quickly, so the treatment should be started at the first sign.

Therefore, if you notice some symptoms, such as fever, no cause nosebleeds, bruising on the body, weakness and so on, you should immediately consult a doctor and be examined, especially as to detect leukemia fairly easy, you just need to donate blood for analysis.

Leukemia treatment is mainly focused on chemotherapy. Now the most effective is the treatment of cancer in Israel, but in our country you can find Gramatik specialists. Aimed it at the destruction of infected cells. Modern programs consist of two stages. First is the induction of remission, that is, the maximum destruction of diseased cells to collapse and get rid of any signs of disease. The second step involves chemotherapy after achieving the result. This treatment is aimed at stabilizing the patient's condition and prevent subsequent relapses. This method is traditional, but modern medicine offers other options.

The possible transplantation of hematopoietic cells, as well as the usage of latest drugs. In some cases, an alternative type of treatment is even necessary, because chemotherapy does not help. Typically, such a hard choice is made in accordance with the General condition of the patient to deliver treatment and his personal wishes.

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