What is dry cosmetics and how to use it?

When they start talking about dry cosmetics, come to mind conflicting views. Let's start with the fact that dry cosmetics appeared relatively recently in the Russian market. This is a product that contains no preservatives, emulsifiers and stabilizers. This ecological cosmetics contains only the most necessary components present in powder form. That is, visually, this beauty is a light shampoo or cream in the form of powder mass. The required amount must be connected to the water (yogurt, sour cream or olive oil in some cases) and apply on the body, hair or face.

Dry cosmetics - easy to use and store. Going on a trip, you no longer have to lug around a huge cans of shampoos and creams, and just grab a handful of essential cosmetics.

You can always be sure that your cosmetics will not deteriorate under any circumstances. And kept it longer than usual.

You can make the necessary formulas creams, regulating the presence of the necessary components.

This may be news to you, but the dry cosmetics - very well forgotten the way to care for skin and hair. At home low-cost traditional recipes help you to look attractive and to preserve this attraction. For example, in the bath is advised to RUB the skin with salt, that helps its purification. The owners of oily hair is not recommended often to wash them, but you can sprinkle starch, a good comb and then safely wash. Henna is also a powder that is diluted with water and then used to strengthen the hair and colouring.

So dry cosmetics surrounds us everywhere, and many women have appreciated its advantages.

What it looks like and what is dry skin care?

Dry cosmetics is a powdery mass, which may be present minerals, mustard powder, crushed herbs, clay, and various natural remedies.

How to use dry cosmetics?

First, you need to put cosmetics in a container, then add clean water. The mass of plastic stir stick or Lopatko.

Before applying dry cosmetics, it is poured into the container, add water (mineral, structured, spring, Holy) and mixed with a plastic spatula or stick. The prepared mixture should be used immediately. To hurt it.

What kinds of dry cosmetics are on sale?

Mostly dry cosmetics today are presented in the form of masks for face and body, shampoos for hair, salts for bathing, cleansing scrub. It can also be tooth powders, preparations for the care of hands and nails, pitarresi hair.

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