What is depression and how to cope with it

Depression is a mental disorder involving a total lethargy, decreased mood, and impaired thinking. People experiencing depression, tends to be pessimistic thoughts and opinions may not experience feelings of joy, and loses all interest in life. Often depression is a person addicted to alcohol and psychotropic drugs, in the worst cases, the patient may appear suicidal tendencies. Treatment of depression is a long and complicated process and not always to overcome its own.

Depressive disorders can occur in people of all ages and all social groups, and this is not surprising. In the modern world people are exposed to tremendous pressure: each seeks to achieve certain heights, but often fails, because of this there is a feeling of dissatisfaction, discomfort, perhaps, fear of the future, apathy. All this leads to the development of depression. Take into account that people in life repeatedly may experience psychological trauma such as the loss or illness of a loved one, divorce. This may "break" the man, lowering his self-esteem, to take his life meaning.

There are several manifestations of this disease. First, people are constantly experiencing anxiety, it is sad, sad, indifferent to everything. Secondly, the patient focuses on the negative side of life, feels unwanted, abandoned, thrown to the mercy of fate, prone to self-criticism. Thirdly, in this disorder the person does not see a goal, and, therefore, no aims, no able to focus. Fourthly, the patient begins to avoid all contact with society, becomes unsociable. And, finally, fifth, and depression people faster periotomes from physical and mental stress, problems with sleep and diet or binge eat, or even to lose her appetite.

The mainstay of treatment for depression are psychotherapy and medication. Without proper treatment, depression can last for months and maybe years. Antidepressants are selected by physicians for each patient individually. Psychotherapy aims to teach the patient to monitor their condition and emotions, and to help him to cope with fears, to find peace of mind and begin to function normally in society.

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It is important to understand that a person is able to warn and prevent the development of depression. You need to learn how to cope with stress and self-control.

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