What is dangerous contraceptive pill

Scientists are finding more evidence that new species female contraception cause an increased risk of blood clotting and harmful to some women.

Researchers from Canada and Israel have analyzed the health status of 330 thousand Israeli women and found that women who used the contraceptive hormone drospirenone (pills Yaz and Yasmin), the likelihood of blood clots is quite high. On average, compared with women who used the pill with other hormones, the risk of developing a blood clot was 43 percent higher.

Dr. Susan Solymoss from McGill University, says: "it is Important to remember that all oral contraceptives are associated with an increased risk of blood clots". Unfortunately, contraceptives the first and second generation may not be as effective as pills with drospirenone. It should also be remembered that the risk of venous blood clots are much higher in women during pregnancy.

However, women do not panic and stop to protect themselves in this way to start is to visit your doctor, who can evaluate the circumstances of the lifestyle of the patient, family history of disease and its predisposition to the disease. Scientists say that if you got the pills with drospirenone within four months, and the change in blood did not happen, can take them further.

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