What is dangerous arterial hypertension?

This disease is very common, but often for a long time people about him not suspect, because hypertension occurs almost asymptomatic. Only when the pressure going through the roof, patients with hypertension first learn about your problem. The norm is considered to be the blood pressure around 120/80 mm RT. p.. the Reason to pay attention to their own health should be the pressure more than 140 90 mm

Hypertension is diagnosed if three times with regular measurement of pressure it was high.

In a healthy person the blood vessels elastic, perfectly dilate or constrict, allowing normal blood circulation throughout the body. High pressure causes damage to blood vessels, they become brittle. Because of this, in the vessels penetrate cholesterol, forming atherosclerotic plaques. Plaques clog the blood vessels and thereby hinder the work of the internal organs. First of all high blood pressure affects the brain, kidneys and heart. If hypertension will cause blockage of blood vessels in these organs, the health of the patient will be under question, you may experience a heart attack or stroke. Due to the blockage of heart vessels, it increases significantly in size, if the vessels of the brain, its cells die, and if the kidneys - they will shrink and no longer work.

"Silent killer" is often referred to as hypertension, as against the General, it would seem that the normal state of health, a person can die at any moment or be invalid. Because, for example, stroke (bleeding in brain) cause paralysis and heart attack often leads to death, it is not always medical assistance may come in time. Most hypertensive patients are constantly complain of memory impairment, plagued by headaches, such patients the probability of sudden vision loss.

First of all arterial hypertension-prone people with excess weight. Vessels in this case, simply can not provide blood to all organs, which activates the endocrine system and increases the pressure. Also at risk are patients with diabetes, as well as the people who do spend a lot of time without movement. Several times increases the likelihood of developing hypertension among those whose relatives are sick hypertension or cardiovascular disease of varying severity. To hypertension can also lead to frequent lack of sleep or disturbed sleep for one reason or another.

If you have been diagnosed with hypertension, pay attention to your diet and lifestyle. Three simple pieces of advice will help you cope with the disease:

- minimize the use of salt (it retains water in the body, leading to an increase in fluid volume in the blood vessels and hypertension).

- send their forces to reduce weight (measure waist: normal in women, waist circumference should not be more than 88 centimeters, while men 102 cm).

- refrain from Smoking and drinking alcohol. Hypertensive patients should always have at hand the tonometer to regularly measure its pressure.

The pressure must be measured at the shoulder, placing the cuff of the sphygmomanometer in the upper part of the hand. Prior to measurement the pressure of the people must be in a calm state for at least three minutes.

Of course, it is necessary to use medications that reduce the pressure prescribed by a doctor. If financial resources allow, it would be best to conduct the treatment in Israel.

Treatment in any case you cannot stop yourself, when, allegedly, health has improved. Remember that hypertension is a chronic disease and hypertensive needs constant maintenance therapy.

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