What is dangerous and how to treat scoliosis of the spine?

Initially you need to highlight that failure implies a similar disease, such as scoliosis of the spine. In fact, it is a partial deviation of the spine in the frontal plane of the profile. It can be either fixed or not fixed. Also this type of the disease include scoliotic disease, which progresses in childhood.

With regard to the risk of disease, then the whole load on the intervertebral disks. They find themselves under particular pressure and in consequence of this process are obvious shifts in the space of lower pressure. During these processes is exacerbated by the asymmetry of the body.

The mobility of the intervertebral discs leads to the fact that many nerve endings can be clamped, which leads to General irritability, and later may develop other more dangerous diseases: bronchospasm, tachycardia, and even heart attack.

Assistants medical centers statistics have information, about 5 percent of the world population suffer from the initial scoliosis. Women suffer from this disease more often strong half, but with all this it is important to approach the treatment and prevention of scoliosis.

As for the causes of scoliosis, this question was more ore remains a mystery for most. Some scientists believe that the disease is genetic and is passed from the nearest relatives.

Regarding treatment, it is necessary to distinguish between scoliosis 1-St and 2-nd degree, to deliver the right set of measures to cure spine.

So, when the first degree of scoliosis doctors usually prescribe specific exercises, which are aimed primarily at gymnastics back, and strengthening muscles. In parallel we should drink vitamins from fortified complex, to comply with orthopedic mode and enjoy a massage.

At the 2nd degree of scoliosis treatment will be long, because the deformation of the spine has gained visual character. In this case, you want to follow therapeutic gymnastics, repeating the same exercises every day. Good addition will be swimming and yoga.

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Scoliosis is a nasty disease that is very common, from which, of course, not easier. Take care of yourself, your posture and exercise regularly. Be healthy!

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