What is coding? Modern encryption methods from alcoholism

Originally, the term "coding from alcoholism" was introduced by Dr. Dovzhenko, who started in the 80-ies of the last century was the first to apply the technique of suggestion, based on the belief of the patient that if he drinks, it will be difficult to suffer or even die. Currently, this term refers to any technique that is able to deliver man from alcohol dependence, based on the impact on his consciousness from the outside.

Any encoding method from alcoholism refers to emotional stress therapy and requires the patient to certain restrictions before the procedure, as well as personal desires. The person who decided to be coded from alcoholism, provides many methods based on the use of drugs or exclusively in the form of intense psychological impact. Coding methods are divided into:

1. Chemical coding for alcohol dependence

In its basis there is a chemical effect on the body by using drugs, causing seizures, choking, until it stops breathing while drinking. Is this encoding for up to 3 years, but more than 2 times already inefficient.

2. Hematocytopenia

More advanced methods. The patient produce blood, mixed blood with the drug and injected into the epidural area right in the nerve root of the intervertebral disc. All you need to do 9 injections. The drug is blocking nerve impulses to the internal organs with the use of alcohol, disrupting their work (arrhythmia, liver, kidneys).

3. The encoding method Dovzhenko

Stressthere, in which process in the subconscious of the patient provides the information about the rejection of alcohol. In the coded patient when drinking suffers the strongest hallucinations, which can cause damage to the mind or to cause seizures.

4. Double block

Includes a combination of chemical methods and psychological. Enhances the effectiveness of the latter.

5. Implantation (podszywania)

In the patient's tissue (buttocks, abdomen) is implanted capsule (medication "Esperal") that contains a drug having protivoallergennymi action. Gradually, over time coding the patient receives daily small dose of the drug. When drinking alcohol can cause myocardial infarction, seizures, brain swelling, stops breathing, collapse.


Modern method, based on the effects of a special apparatus on the parts of the brain responsible for getting pleasure from alcohol. Removes the dependence on the level of craving for alcohol.

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