What is chiropractic and what it is used?

Manual therapy is called the ancient science of treatment by the imposition of hands and massage, which also includes acupuncture and acupressure. Theory methods, which described the mechanism of its impact on the human body, was formulated only in the late 19th century. In Russia chiropractic has moved from the status of folk in traditional medical medicine in 1990, when it was organized by the Russian Federal Association of manual therapy.

Manual therapy can be divided into 2 global areas: chiropractor, which experts consider the basis of the origin of pain subluxation of the joint, and osteopathy, where the starting point is muscle spasm, leading to painful sensations. The basic techniques of manual therapy lies in the fact that with the help of accurate clicks the hands of the therapist massaging certain parts of the body, thereby providing a positive impact on sick bodies.

Disease in many internal organs associated with spinal cord injuries that could occur due to age-related changes, in case of sudden movements or with a long presence in uncomfortable posture. When the displacement of one vertebra behind him begin to shift to the other vertebrae, thereby causing pinched nerves and improper distribution of load on the spine as a whole. Subsequently, on the background of these changes may occur pain and impaired circulation to the internal organs.

In its operation manual therapy brings together technology, orthopedics, neurology and neurophysiology. Return the spine motility and elimination of the pain syndrome are the two main objectives of the branch of manual medicine that deals with spinal deformities. Used manual exposure techniques are completely harmless to human body. Now share several methods of manual therapy:

• Subcutaneous mistily method - effect on adipose and muscle tissue.

• Arthro-vertebral method - impact on the joints.

• Cranial method - effect on the muscles of the neck and skull.

• Visceral method - the impact on the internal organs.

With the help of chiropractic medicine cure osteochondrosis, arthrosis, arthritis and diseases of the internal organs. Positive action is in the treatment of brain dysfunction. The best result of manual therapy shows in complex medical events, not in its individual using a therapist.

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