What is an identity crisis and how to deal with it

We all know that people throughout their lives have something to learn and develop. Unfortunately, modern life is full of many changes. And many people do not have time to react to rapid changes. And in one moment a person is faced with a situation that can no longer believe in that until then was considered correct or Vice versa. This point is called identity crisis.

An identity crisis is a manifestation of the struggle of the inner world of a person with an established system of rules, norms, values, etc., These moments one always suffers. But attempts to change something in this world only lead to psychological disorders. Sometimes it ends in death. And everything happens only because of the fact that humans have changed the internal state.

The identity crisis may occur, every person at any age. Even a child may come a change in psychological state. So the doctors and say that there are crises changes in 1, 3, 7 children. There are also age-related crises and adults: adolescence, midlife crisis, the pension crisis and the crisis of death.

But in addition, it is important to remember the emotional state of the person. After all, under the influence of fear, anger or grief people may also change. Even a loving relationship can lead to another crisis in a person's life.

How to overcome an identity crisis? Simply enough. You must have your own system of values. Everyone at this point should think about what is for him the greatest value. But it is worth remembering that this value as wealth or fame can not help to overcome the crisis. Therefore, you should pay all his attention only to the individual - for themselves. And it is not necessary at this point to think about their loved ones. Because you can become a slave to others. Remember that I should always come first, of course within reasonable limits. It is worth remembering that each person is the master of his life, so he and decide as to what is. And needless to live with crises or without them.

But such advice out of the crisis are only lonely people. And people who have their own family, should together to create the center. And around him, and will rotate the modern world. In this case, the family will always be in the first place, and Hobbies, entertainment, friends second.

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