What is adrenaline addiction

This question mostly applies to psychology. The term of an adrenalin junkie is not very prevalent in our lives, although every person in one way or another encountered him. Modern life has brought this concept to the next level and today the number of "adrenaline junkies" around us has grown significantly. These people are remarkable not stand out in public society, but have a real and specific psychological dependence.

Typically, the stimulation of the nervous system can lead to high blood pressure, the sensations of lightness with significant mental lifting. Stimulation of the upper layers of the cerebral cortex occurs in the learning process, while achieving certain goals or even after reading the book affected your feelings. Another thing is when a conflict situation or in serious trouble associated with a specific situation cause aggression and nervousness, which cause the opposite effect in the state of mind.

In such cases, the body is a powerful release of adrenaline, which causes the initiation of muscle activity. Thus, the riskier and more dangerous the situation, the more there is a desire to move with the sensations you feel better. This simulates the processes active mental activity. Occurs psychophysical adrenaline addiction and the person is starting to get used to the thrill.

The situation gives the brain the feeling of danger for health and life of man leads to the activation of the adrenal glands, which are injected into the blood of man a hefty dose of adrenaline - the hormone of fear. A significant increase of heart promotes the development of a large number of endorphins. These hormones are the hormones of happiness, which lead to increased respiration and as a consequence of hyperventilation of the lungs. People can fall into a state of euphoria for a few hours. Once having experienced such feelings, the human body in all ways will try at every opportunity to regain this status.

Many people are not able to withdraw from the constant adrenaline throw even choose their respective profession. This applies to police officers and firefighters, pilots and athletes in extreme sports. Will not be paradoxical to note that such dependence-prone insecure and weak-willed people. Overcoming his own fears and complexes by obtaining adrenaline doses create their illusion of self-esteem and the acquisition of new forces. But this self-deception in a short time passes, and insecurity returns - needed to prove to myself and others that I can!

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